Universal set to unleash a two disk deluxe edition of Dio’s ‘Dream Evil’ on March 4th

Every now and then, throughout the history of music, an enigma rises from the pit of rock n roll; an enigma such as Ronnie James Dio who has not only left a legacy, he has left amongst many, a prophecy. He has been an inspiration throughout the music industry with his talent and his epic performances; a guide to the rock n roll children.
Flick back through the vinyl collection of 1987, look under the letter ‘D’ and you’ll find an album titled Dream Evil by the artist Dio, his fourth studio album. With vocal chords ripping his fans eardrums, the album was a success. Now push the clocks forward twenty six years later to March 4th 2013 and low and behold we have a repeat prescription of the album; now it comes with access all areas. Universal proudly presents the new 2-cd deluxe edition of Dio’s Dream Evil. This new edition comes complete with a bonus disk of live performances alongside Dio’s previous donations to the Gods of rock, such as Black Sabbath and Rainbow. The rest…I’ll leave it for you to find out!
© Kathryn Longbottom
The Amplifire

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