Live Review

Band: Jettblack
Venue: 02 Academy, Sheffield, UK
Date: 24th April, 2013

Who says gigs are for weekends? Come Wednesday 24th April I trekked over to Sheffield, to see those British rockers Jettblack. Even though it was midweek I was still up and running for going to a gig. After hanging my leather jacket in the cloakroom and finding a decent spot to stand, I fumbled around trying to find my pen and paper whilst looking at the Jettblack backdrop. So as the florescent lighting split the stage and the atmosphere began to simmer, those four symbolic members of Jettblack fired up their instruments; rough and ready to rock the stage raw.

The first sign of a good gig is when the opening song doesn’t leave you asking yourself “was that the band starting or was that a sound check?” It’s the first chance to seduce the audience, use it wisely; so naturally when Jettblack kicked off with a blistering performance of Two Hot Girls, you could tell they knew exactly what they were doing. It was cock rock at its finest and vocally it was bang on! A scorching blast off I reckon!

By the time it came to the cheeky Less Torque More Thrust, the floor was packed; I should probably start apologising to all those people I stabbed with my pen by mistake. If an audience member is willing to sacrifice their limbs to a pen in order to watch a band, the performance speaks volumes!

Next on the agenda was In-between Lovers. All I’m gonna say is, a decent rock and roll gig has a pulse and a heartbeat and some bands are just natural born doctors to keep the veins of the stage pumping!

That ‘welcome aboard’ intro to Get Your Hands Dirty is like a key note speech; it never fails to rattle the cages when it’s done live. The chemistry between the band as they were lined up was intense! It’s one of those songs where a band needs to dominate the stage to get the biggest impact; there’s no room to be gentle. So of course we had one hell of a testosterone driven ‘come and av a go if ya think ya ard enuf’ performance! Job well done!

What can I say about the performance of Black Gold ? It was like hearing a sugar coated rawness oozing through the speakers. Regardless, it was one of those hypnotic moments at a gig where the music does the thinking! When a good song is done justice live, it’s bye bye thinking for yourself time! The music does the talking and the music does the walking! That one went up to eleven!

I’ve totally got nothing against mosh pits; go for it, literally knock yourself out. Naturally as the band smashed into Mother F****R, a few feathers were ruffled around me! Nevertheless it’s a damn good sign if you’re playing dodge the body at a rock gig isn’t it? Credit where it’s due, you know you’re getting your tickets worth when the person next to you is sweating! Injecting one song with another live is bloody hard to do, nevertheless with a shot of The Rolling Stones’ Paint It Black, the arrangement welded together seamlessly! Basically, it got painted jet black!

As I said before, a sign of a good rock n roll gig, is when the audience is raging. I was actually preparing myself for the final song Raining Rock; I knew it was gonna be a ‘move or be moved’ moment. Lets just say it was a knock out! You don’t mess with cock rock in the first place! When you gel together guitar solos that could charm the ears off a nun , drum beats that come with WARNING signs, a trudging bass line and vocals of a fallen choir boy, you can imagine why their stage presence was ruthless! Musically it was one of those ‘hell yea’ moments! It was by far the best song choice to finish with! I’m gonna be straight and simply say the title was appropriate because we were caught in a God damn bad ass ****** ******* thunderstorm!

All in all definitely a bloomin good show! Musically it was scratch free! I can safely say, it doesn’t officially have to be a weekend for you to go to a gig and enjoy yourself because as Wednesday night gigs go, I woke up the next day thinking it was Sunday! Never mind the title Raining Rock, by a performance like theirs I reckon you could pretty much say reign in rock!

© Kathryn Longbottom
The Amplifire

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