The Rock and Bike Fest- 11th July till 13th July

What goes hand in hand with rock and roll? Could it be bikes by any chance? Well if so, from the dates 11th July till 13th July, there’s a match made in Heaven with The Rock and Bike Fest at Carnfield Hall, South Normanton, Derbyshire. With events such as a custom bike show and the latest girl band The Kix who are running the biker scene riot, you’ve got the full package! Anyone into fancy dress and fancy’s an early Halloween? Well get your costumes out because The Rock and Bike Fest have a haunted house fancy dress Saturday. Let’s face it, once one person gets dressed up, everyone else wants to so why deny yourself? The real ale Hobgoblin seems rather appropriate don’t you think? Good job it’s available! Tempted yet? There’s more. As for the “I can’t find a babysitter” situation, scrap it because The Rock and Bike Fest is for the whole family. With the kids safe play zone, family and kids rides, slices of biker heaven and food at a reasonable price, you’ve got a family trip. Since the ticket prices range from £33.00 to £49.50 I’d pretty much say you’ll get your penny’s worth! All that is left to say now is from the 11th till 13th of July, have a happy holiday!!
Check out their website for more details on location, tickets, parking and what else The Rock and Bike Fest has in store –

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